Arizona Volkswagen clubs are about adventures and making friends. The common interest of German engineering brings Volkswagen hobby fans together to go on road trips throughout Arizona and spend days showing off their rides in the East Valley. It doesn't matter if you like the Classic Beetle or the new TDI Clean Diesel or Hybrid models, there is a club in the Phoenix, AZ area for you and your vehicle.

National Volkswagen Clubs

Arizona Volkswagen Club Offroad Division - Dirt racing VW Club

Arizona Bus Club - Family oriented club dedicated to the VW Transporter Buses.

Vintage Volkswagen Club of America - A network for vintage VW enthusiasts owning air-cooled cars and trucks.

Horizontally Opposed - VW Club established in 1996.  Dedicated to preserving VW's.

German Metal - Family oriented dubbers "here to drive our dubz, work on em, help others keep these classic's on the road"

VW Island - Bus club meets, custom show & swap, past event photos, and more.

VW Republic - Family oriented old school bugs, buses, ghia, and sand rail club.

The Others VW Club - Southern Arizona VW only car club based in Tucson

Arizona Baja - Family oriented Baja club that has car shows, desert rides and BBQ's.

Volkswagen Club of America - A large network of smaller clubs with emphasis on performance, car care, and touring.

The German Folks - Friendly Custom and Restoration club with a branch in Arizona.

der Luftkühlers
- Vintage Volkswagen enthusiasts dedicated to helping each other and having a good time.

German Toyz - Arizona V-dub Club

Wolfsburg Registry - VW club dedicated to Aircooled classic and custom VW.

We R VW's - VW enthusiasts who like to work on VWs, hang out, and go riding.

The Samba - Huge network of VW clubs around the USA

Volkswagen Owners Club - Community of VW owners with clubs for all VW models.

SouthWest Dubs - Ever growing online community of great, friendly car enthusiasts that love talking cars.