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Designed to be the first LEED Certified Volkswagen Dealership in North America


-ALMOST 30% of the materials used to build the Earnhardt Volkswagen dealership came from recycled content.

-OVER 30% of the materials used to build the dealership came from within 500 miles of the building - saving carbon emissions and fossil fuels by sourcing regionally…AND the most impressive one, OVER 95% of the building's construction waste was RECYCLED! Saving tons and tons of waste from going to the land fill, 178,000 Lbs to be exact!

-Through careful planning and thoughtful material ordering and design, materials were minimized, and waste generated was carefully sorted and recycled.

-Recycling reduces the demand for natural resources, by providing a source for recycled goods.

-Did you know…If every household in the U.S. reused a paper grocery bag for one shopping trip, about 60,000 trees would be saved. (S.C. Office of Solid Waste Reduction, 1996)

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-Earnhardt Volkswagen saved over 36% of the water from a similar building.

-Dual flush toilets and low flow urinals, faucets, and shower heads contribute to this water savings.

-Utilizing a reclaimed water system reduces landscape potable water use by 100% In addition, the desert landscaping replaced the grass fields that had previously been at the site using tremendous amounts of water.

-This will save over 58,000 gallons per year over turf and other high-water need landscaping and potable water.

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Indoor Air Equality

-Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants were used throughout.

-This creates a healthier building environment for occupants and the construction crew.

-A complete building flush-out of the mechanical system was provided prior to occupancy.This is the opportunity for all of the construction air, and new product off-gassing to be pushed out of the facility before occupied.

-This creates healthier building environments.

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-Earnhardt Volkswagen is designed to save over 20% of electricity from a similar building.

-Earnhardt Volkswagen achieved this electricity savings through high efficient mechanical systems, smart building orientation, and efficient thermal insulation.

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Indoor Environment

-Individual lighting controls allow employees the ability to adjust the light levels of their personal space.

-These controls create a healthier building environment for occupants, which in turn improves productivity, employee health and morale.

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